LED line lighting

Lighting is very important for a safe and pleasant working environment. The LED line lighting from Cleverpit provides optimum illumination of both the pit and the underside of the vehicle. The pit is equipped with either two or four LED light lines over the entire length.

€ on request



  • 4 LED light lines over the entire length
  • 3.200 or 6.400 lumens / meter
  • Dimmable
  • IP65


  • Pit is bright and completely evenly lit (no dark spots)
  • The bottom of the vehicle is also bright and evenly lit (never stand with your body in front of the lighting)
  • No lighting at eye level (no irritation)
  • Integrated in design and shock and impact resistant
  • Light intensity can be adjusted to desired level (never stare into bright lights from the workshop floor again)