smart in pits & pit equipment

Knowledge and innovation make Cleverpit® a leader in the development of prefab pits and pits for vehicle workshops.

Three pillars play a central role in the development of our prefab pits: safety, sustainability and affordability.

Ergonomic and user-friendly

Cleverpit® manufactures high-quality customized products for every automotive workshop and for every wallet. We develop our products around the user. Ergonomics and user-friendliness are the starting points. A safe and spacious workplace, well-lit and well-arranged is the result.

Smart design

Our knowledge and innovation enable us to manufacture prefab lubrication pits and pit equipment, that can also compete economically with concrete inspection pits. Thanks to the clever design, our Cleverpit® Modus prefab pit can be manufactured very quickly and easily. Our production facility and volume also ensure that we can efficiently incorporate various components, such as LED lighting, ventilation ducts and compressed air facilities.

Because we have engineering and production under one roof, quality is guaranteed at every stage, from development to installation.