Modus prefab inspection pits

Affordable quality with attractive specifications and extensive equipment

The Cleverpit® Modus steel prefab inspection pit is the result of years of experience and in-depth knowledge of automotive workshops. The design was devised around the user, creating a very safe, well-arranged and spatial workplace. All components are perfectly integrated in the design of the prefab pit.

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Standard well equipped

Every Modus prefab pit is equipped with:

  • ventilation ducts;
  • construction resistant to 20 ton axle load;
  • integrated LED-lighting;
  • anti-slip coating on floor and stairs;
  • preparation for floor pit jacks and suspended pit jacks;
  • sheet steel walls ensure strength and 100% watertight hull;
  • great freedom of movement for the mechanic;
  • permanently protected against corrosion and wear;
  • easy to maintain, easy to clean;
  • extensive control cabinet prepared for ventilation equipment & wall sockets.

Despite the high quality, excellent specifications and extensive equipment, the Modus has remained very affordable. All in all, the Modus prefab pit is more economical than a concrete pit. In addition, the extremely strong construction allows long pits up to a length of forty meters.

Installation and technical specifications

Curious as to how the installation of a steel prefab pit works? Click here.

Below you will find the technical specifications.


Technical specifications

Depth (D) Standard


1.600 mm

1.400 - 1.850 mm

Width top (A) Standard


1.100 mm

900 - 1.200 mm

Max. width below (B) Standard


1.600 mm

1.400 - 1.700 mm

Width between ventilation ducts (V) Standard


1.400 mm

1.200 - 1.500 mm

Axle load (S) Standard


20.000 kg

30.000 kg